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1) 5 channel Sound Composition/Installation:

Duration: 10 mins 20 seconds.

Wooden Box textured by strips of the American Flag (manufactured by Anley, Made in China), miniature tabletop flag attached to subwoofer.

2) 3 channel Video.(compressed here as single channel)

On Sept 11th, 2001 I watched the twin towers falling with my father.  Glued to the TV.  A silent demolition.  An American reality TV show.   In the weeks that followed, I started to see American flags everywhere.  Especially from immigrants of all colors, flying the flag out of a sense of fear of appearing to be on “the wrong side”.  

The sound of the twin towers falling in my memory is silent.  Filmed from far away.  As the second plane hit, there was no sound on TV.  I heard the sound via the sound of my own heart beating and the breath of the newscaster trying to be as professional as possible as they had to report a major catastrophe in real time, live in front of the world.  

Flag ASMR is the attempt to recall a memory.  An attempt to close a schism caused by a fear of the lines people cross and the fears of uncertainty, harm, and danger.  What is the sound of a silent memory.   The sound of it being touched, taken apart, and reordered.  

I recorded the sounds like an ASMR video.  The sound of me “interacting” with the flag.  The flag became an object that was activated by other objects.  Hands, scissors, the brush.  

By the end, as I was listening back to the sounds I recorded, the sound of the flag didn’t seem calming at all, but rather to take on characteristics of the memory itself.The imagined sound of the twin towers falling. The high frequencies of the paint brush against the flag started to sound like bodies of water,the New Jersey Waterfront looking towards Manhattan.And from that, I decided to extend that narrative and my memory with sound.